Do you sanction drug abuse, abortion, homosexuality, gambling, pornography …. ?

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Recently this article came across my screen from two different sources.  This is normally a very good indication for me thatDo you sanction abortion, gambling..... it is a “must read!”

In the article, the author makes a very good and valid point:

In our day secular society sanctions abortions as legal. While studies show that the vast majority of people consider it morally wrong to abort unborn children – many consider it murder – secular society has enshrined the right of those who choose to abort to execute this choice without suffering any adverse social consequences. It is therefore fair to say that secular society finds the practice of abortion morally acceptable as a society – we certainly do not condone murder – and could not in good conscience object if everyone chose to abort their babies.

In this article the point is taken further to explain the concept. Please do read the article.

This point got me thinking – What am I sanctioning? We all know that there is a lot of things wrong in our society.  The society accepts/tolerates a lot of things that the Torah specifically forbids.  Is the fact that I am not partaking good enough? Appartenly not! We should actively be working against these evils in our system.

Example, Abortion is wrong – What can I do?

  • Support an organization that lobbies to change the society’s view on the topic.  Preferably somebody that has an agenda of changing the goverment’s mind on the topic. You can support them financially or by contributing your time.  Both will be appreciated.
  • Provide an alternative – Many young girls turn to abortion because they believe they have no other option.  Several organizations try to create an alternative for the mothers and their children. They may also  need your time and money.
  • Take a stand – When the topic comes up in a conversation take a stand. Be sure you know enough to be able to defend your stance.  Most of the organizations in the previous two points can help you with this.  Most changes in our society starts by a small number of people becoming unhappy with the current situation.  This is how these things became acceptable in the first place.
  • Vote wisely – Cast your vote for a party that will actually do something to change this.  A lot of parties will promise to make the world better during their campaigns, but once elected, do nothing to change.  Make sure you investigate to be able to tell the “talkers” from the “doers”

Another article from Rabbi Tzvi Freeman on provided some more insight for me. In his weekly “Question of the Week” he was dealing with “How Do You Fight Evil?” and his answer also confirmed this concept for me. Here is an excerpt of his answer:

That is why it is so important today for us to create more light. Even a little light pushes away a lot of darkness. For every shadow of darkness we have seen, we must produce megawatts of blinding light. Just as those possessed by evil did the wild and unreasonable, beyond that which the craziest doomsayer could have predicted, so, too, we must do kindness beyond reason.

This means that each of us must do good to make the world a better place. You do not have to aim for world peace on day one. Start by supporting one organization with your time and/or money.  Do this for a couple of weeks until the habit is formed.  Then do one more. Continue until you “do kindness beyond reason“.  Only with good can we fight evil.

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