What is modest clothing?

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Looking at today’s fashion, can we say that it is modest to dress the way we do? It is important that we also look at fashion and the way we dress from a scriptural viewpoint. How set apart are you if you are dressing the way the world dresses?

There are a couple of things we should consider when talking  and/or thinking about the subject.  Am I a stumbling block to a fellow believer?   The way we dress can lead another to sin. A biblical example of this is Batsheba.  She never intended to have her husband killed, but a small oversight on her part started a very tragic chain of events. Huge forest fires start with a small spark!

I have recently found this article on a website.  THE SIN OF BATHSHEBA

The author is unknown, but I still believe that it is a valuable document that can make us rethink some of our views on how we dress. Read it and let me know what you think.




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5 responses to “What is modest clothing?”

  1. Denise

    There are good reasons and materials on modest dress for both sexes. This publication you have mentioned is not a correct representation of Bathsheba and the situation. First the Bible never says “the sin of Bathsheba” or calls her an adultress. It is the sin of David. I have seen presentations that tell culturally how women bathed back then, and there is no way that she exposed herself. She was minding her own business and the king was not where he belonged, he should have been out with the troops, not lusting after someone elses wife. He had many wives and concubines, no reason for his actions. Part of the problem I have with this publication is that I know the author, I will not tell what I know, but his culture of communism and women being worthless, gives many of his ideas a strange slant. He thinks women cause all of mens lust problems. I agree that women should not dress in a way to cause lust, but this particular person has very different ideas on what that entails. The Bible tells us that a woman should not wear that which pertains to men. In my convictions I wear dresses and skirts with the length closer to my ankles than knees. When we read the type of robes that we will wear in the new kingdom, they go to the foot. I don’t wear sleeveles shirts or low necks. Most of the info is Biblical and from a book called Thy Nakedness by Shorter. there are also mens dress issues and also adorning the body with gold , pearls, and costly things. Also make-up is an issue Biblically and health-wise.

    1. Schalk & Elsa

      Shalom Denise,

      Thank you for your comment! We do not necessarily agree with everything in this article, however it is a thought provoking point of view. I don’t believe that this is the way most men think, but some do and women need to be aware. I am currently studying about this topic and will post our point of view next week.


  2. Sherrie

    The most important thing that YHWH has convicted me regarding modesty is that I am His bride & He is a jealous Husband who doesn’t want other men seeing what would cause them to lust after me. So I dress myself in modern loose fitted clothing so that every curve is not ‘as’ noticeable. On the other hand I truly abhor the current mindset that most, not all, of our fellow torah observant men have in regards to the way They dress. They take no thought to wearing tight pants, shorts & shirts without an ounce of courtesy to the sisters. It’s as if (some) men think that our eyes aren’t capable of seeing what’s put right before our eyes. It’s a double standard and needs to be addressed. I myself would prefer men dress like Paul Nison (healthwatchman.com) but that is just my preference. I love all of your articles & always glean some insight I hadn’t thought of or heard of before so thank you & Shabbat shalom:)

    1. Schalk & Elsa

      Thank you Sherry for your comment! I do agree with you that modesty is not for women only. Men should consider what they wear!

  3. Amanda

    While I do think there are many religious reasons for wearing modest clothing I think there are others as well. It’s been shown that women who wear modest clothing focus less on their bodies and more on the things that give them joy!

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