The validity and value of woman’s headcovering

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The validity of head covering for womenI have recently written two articles on the topic of head covering. I find it a very intriguing but at the same time overlooked topic. The authority structure of Yahovah is the most important facet of this teaching. The head covering was given to the woman to wear as an outward sign of that authority. I recently came across this article that not only supports the view we hold but, also adds some new understanding, especially with regards to the part in 1 Cor 11:10 about the angels. Here is a link to the article:






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6 responses to “The validity and value of woman’s headcovering”

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  2. LeeAnn

    I wear a head covering and agree with everything you wrote in your article. I have wearing one for many years, but I have always had a question posed to me about when we should wear it. What is your opinion on whether to wear one all the time or just when praying or prophesying?
    Thank you

    1. Elsa Klee

      Shalom LeeAnn,

      Thank you for your comment!I wear a head covering all the time, except when I sleep :). My motivation for doing it is the verse that says “Pray without ceasing.” So, it is practical to have something on my head in case I want to talk to YHVH, which I do often during the day. That is just my conviction, pray about it and do as you feel lead to do. Shalom to you, may YHVH bless you! Elsa

  3. Garry D. Pifer

    I just came across your site and am finding several very interesting studies. Took a look at your studies on wearing a head covering. I see this differently and would like to submit what I see–I’ve done my study on my blog.


    1. Hi Garry,
      We have looked at your study and found it to be very light and also not adding anything to all the others we have come across on the web.
      We recommend that you go beyond Vines and Strongs when doing Hebrew studies. Both these resources are out of date with modern findings of Biblical Hebrew.
      I would also not quote a Jewish woman as a reliable source on whether women should cover. She has no view on the words of Paul. By making her an authoritative figure, you treat only a part of the Scripture as authoritative.

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