Why care about the Dead Sea Scrolls?

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Today we will try a completely new way of presenting our studies.  Instead of writing our notes up,Caves of the Dead Sea Scrollswe have decided to do a presentation of the findings and present this to you as a video.

What exactly is “The Dead Sea Scrolls”? The topic that we will study is the “Dead Sea Scrolls.”  In this study we will investigate:

  • When were these scrolls discovered
  • How were these scrolls studied
  • What is so significant about these scrolls
  • What difference do they make for you and me?

Please watch the video to join us in the fascinating study of what has been called “the most significant archaeological find of our time.

[tentblogger-youtube vBW13vSiUSY]

The notes used can also be found here as a presentation.

Please let us know your view on this new format.  We are specifically interested in:

  1. Do you prefer this format over written studies?  Should we continue with both formats or just the one?
  2. Would you rather prefer we do a “live” presentation with a speaker included in the video?
  3. Was the study at the right level for this format or was it too long / detailed ?

You can give us your feedback using the comments below.







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13 responses to “Why care about the Dead Sea Scrolls?”

  1. mada

    Please help: when does the new month start?

    1. Schalk _and_Elsa

      Shalom Mada,

      We are currently writing an article about the calendar.

      Shalom, Schalk & Elsa

    2. Abbie Kenyon

      The day after the “New Moon” (after, when a sliver of moon is visible) ; lunar months are shorter than some solar months, generally about 29 days.

  2. Jo

    I liked the old format better, but then my case may be special due to
    1)poor internet connection–I could not get the slides to show past the first few
    2) Because of my poor hearing, a video is more difficult for me to understand

    I would like to see a written article continue.
    Thanks so much!

  3. George

    I watched the first few minutes and turned it off—-2 hours of video is too long also watching a video is like sitting and listening to a sermon where after a while a lot of us oldies go to sleep from boredom —–the old format was much better as I can study the scriptures at my own pace and read and re read what is written——-George……………….!

  4. sherry w

    I like written best. I can read it at my convenience.

    Thanks for all you do.

  5. barb hemphill

    hello Schalk and Elsa.
    I like the old way much better. Like to print off your study, relax on the couch and go through it at my own pace with my bible to reference. I also print off copies for my kids.
    I don’t have great internet and am on a fairly limited package deal.
    As you know I am hearing impaired so miss a lot if I cannot see a face to lipread.

  6. I am hard of hearing and which almost deaf and I could not understand what you said… because there is no close caption on it.. Please will you add the close caption to help me understand what you said.. ok Thank you, Yadria

  7. Mahdokt Walter

    I prefer the old format takes up less space on saving. Thx



  8. Michael

    Shalom. I could not view the video and none of the slides showed up. the old format is definitely better for me.

    Thanks for all your work on this site and for sharing your studies


  9. I prefer the written, videos are good too but written are better, especially if the sermon is not too long where I can print it out and read it and study at my own pace. If it is to lengthy, I run out of ink. thank you for all you do. We are on a fixed income but we will send something soon, Yehovah willing.

  10. Gina

    I found this teaching to be very interesting and informative. I actually like the video presentation better but can certainly understand the issues that the others are posting about. Either way, I appreciate your teachings very much and hope they will keep coming–in either format. Thank you.

  11. Virginia

    This was wonderful but what a help it would be to be able to have it printed. I prefer the written although this was very good too

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