A Most Annoying Shofar

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Recently we received a link to an article that was posted on the website of a group called “Restorers of Zion”.  You can read more about them and their ministry in Israel on their website. They have published a document that we believe would be most beneficial for a wider audience to read. It is a prophetic vision that explains to us the Father’s view of the current Messianic community.  It is really a document that will make you stop and think!  We have contacted the publisher of the document and would like to re-publish this document for you to read, think and pray about, as we believe the application of this message may be much wider than originally intended.

Here is the introduction that was published with the original article on the website of Restorers of Zion (RZ):

Read “A Most Annoying Shofar
An original short story, birthed from the season of repentance, 10/2011.
During the High Holy Days and the month preceding them, RZ intercessors spent focused time in repentance and mourning for our sins.
For the record, we don’t mean some anonymous multitude, where we could hide in the crowd and be one-percent shareholders in “our” group sins.
We don’t mean a Daniel thing, where we could grieve for sins that we knew others of “us” had committed, and offer ourselves as an innocent stand-in.
No, this was a humiliating time of discovering dirty secrets about ourselves… our very own evasions, blind spots and self-serving impulses laid bare, with nowhere to hide and no one else to blame.
We will spare you further details, other than to say that these were private appointments with the Lord. If you have ever met Him in this way, you will not want or need further details.
By the end of that time, we were flattened by the knowledge of where we were… in relation to where we had imagined we were. Instead of seeing ourselves in comparison with other believers, we saw ourselves in comparison to HIM: the Holy and Perfect One, who never fails in either Love or Truth, and who deserves so much more from us than He receives.
After being thus stripped of some illusions about ourselves, the Lord gave us a message to share with our brothers and sisters in Israel and around the world.
The message took the form of a short story. Although it is creative, it is not fiction. We are sharing how it came about, in the hopes that it will be received in the same spirit in which it was written.
Hannah Weiss, for RZ

The link to the original document can be found here and for your convenience I have also uploaded it to our website as a PDF document.  This document can be located here.




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2 responses to “A Most Annoying Shofar”

  1. Segulah

    My eyes are red and wet. This short story is very powerful. May I share this?

  2. Schalk

    Please do.

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