Sukkot in Jerusalem – 2015

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How we feel about Jerusalem

We are celebrating the feast of Sukkot in the place YHVH chose to put His name.  What a blessing!  For those of you who have not been able to join us this year, here are some images to give you a taste for Sukkot in Jerusalem.  Enjoy!

Jerusalem remains a wonderful experience every time you visit.  The streets and markets are packed during the feasts.  Every year we see more and more people coming up to celebrate the feasts.

Jerusaem - The city of gold durig the feast of Sukkot

We see all kinds of different people celebrating the feast.

All sorts of people during the feast of Sukkot in Jerusalem.

Of course, for the Feast of Booths, you need to build a Sukkah.  Here is how to do it Jerusalem style.

The Jerusalem way of building a Sukkah for the feast of Booths.

The result: different types of Sukkahs all over the city.  On the roofs, streets and little alleys.  Wherever you go, you will find a Sukkah.

The different Sukkahs of Jerualem

Look at this beauty on a rooftop terrace in the Old City.

A eautifu Sukkah in the Old Cty of Jerusaem on a rooftop terrace.

The feast of Sukkot is also the Feast of Ingathering.  The result is that we have fresh fruit everywhere.  Olives, grapes, dates, and pomegranates are being sold everywhere.  You need to treat yourself to at least one glass of freshly squeezed juice.  Daily, if possible!

Sukkot is a fest of ingatherig.  Fresh fruits everywhere.  Drink freshly squeezed juice!We hope to see you all in Jerusalem for the next feast!

The Western wall complex with a view of the Temple Mount.The Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.  Seen from the City of David.

Shalom from Jerusalem!




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