The truth about frequencies in health and healing

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What is the truth about frequencies in health and healingWe are living in a time of technological progress like never before. There is new computer technology, new advances in the fields of science and healthcare – too much to mention. We are being bombarded with information on the internet to an overwhelming degree. Who or what do we belief? What is truth and what is just another scam? This article is specifically about one such “advance” in the alternative healthcare sector: the role of frequencies in health and healing. “What frequency?” you may ask….. Allow me to explain:

You may have heard the teachings about the healing power of linen or crystals due to a fixed frequency that is radiated by it, the healing power of the Hebrew Language or maybe the statement that essential oils each has a signature frequency, and this frequency gives these oils its special healing ability. It is also said that the human body has a special vibration frequency, and so does every organ, even every disease has a specific frequency.  The basic teaching is: if you harmonize  certain frequencies you get balance and if the body is in balance it can heal itself.

I am not saying it is wrong to wear natural fibers like linen, it is healthy to do so and I am not against using natural remedies or essential oils. There is nothing wrong with using something like tea tree oil to help with healing. It becomes a problem when you use a combination of oils to improve your courage or finances or the like. It also becomes a problem when our source of healing is oils or something else due to some metaphysical or supernatural reason.

I am about to show you the error in all these teachings. We will focus specifically on vibration therapy.

In order for me to show you the root of these erroneous teachings I am making excerpts from an article by Robert Carroll.  You can read the full article at< and

This healing with frequencies is also referred to as Radionics or vibration healing. Radionics or vibration healing  is a form of energy medicine created by Dr Albert Abrams (1863-1924). Abrams claimed to be able to detect distinct energies or vibrations being emitted from healthy and diseased tissue in all living things. He invented devices which he said could measure this energy and created a system for evaluating vibrations as signs of health or disease.

Here is a description of a demonstration of his discovery:

He laid a healthy man facing west and thumping his upper abdomen told a student to listen carefully the changes of reverberation. Then, he let a doctor hold a sample of cancer cells near the subject’s forehead. He asked the doctor to touch the man’s forehead with the cancer cells in intervals of several seconds. When a sample of the cancer cells touched the man’s forehead, the percussion sound changed from a resonant sound to a dull sound. He concluded that the vibration of a diseased cell sample was received by the human body and affected the human cells.

This doesn’t sound kosher, does it?

He even invented a device that, he said, could transmit healthy vibrations to sick tissue or organs, thereby restoring them to a healthy state.  Abrams’s treatment consisted of sending good energy to the diseased area to counteract the bad energy.

Abrams diagnosed patients both in person and at a distance. In person, he would hook up his machine (with a drop of the patient’s blood in it) by a wire to the patient. By tapping on the stomach of the patient, claimed Abrams, a vibration would be sent through the patient’s spine that he could measure and then translate into medical diagnosis. At a distance, he’d use the procedure mentioned above where he would compare the energy of the blood of a healthy person with that of the patient.

The American Medical Association (AMA) had one of the black boxes, he used, opened and examined. They found nothing in the machine that could either read or send energy waves as Abrams had been claiming. In other words, this was one big scam!

A few years after Abram’s death, Ruth Drown (1891-1965) took the baton from Abrams and created her own therapy and black box. Ruth Drown was a naturopath and osteopath.  Drown’s black box was tested at the University of Chicago, but it failed to work as promised.

Researchers who have put Drown and other Radionics advocates to the test have been unable to verify their diagnostic claims.

The users of the black boxes may be able to produce measurable readings on ohmmeters or rheostats, but there is no justification for assuming that the measure of electrical resistance has anything to do with healthy or diseased vibrations of electrons or energies. However, advocates do not necessarily identify energy or vibrations with radiation or electromagnetic fields, as Abrams did. They are as likely to identify the energy with auras, chi or orgone not with anything physical. For example:

… one of Abrams’s many imitators was Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971).  During the 1920, he claimed to have developed a powerful microscope that could detect living microbes by the color of auras emitted by their vibratory rates. His Rife Frequency Generator allegedly generates radio waves with precisely the same frequency, causing the offending bacteria to shatter in the same manner as a crystal glass breaks in response to the voice of an opera singer. The American Cancer Society has pointed out that although sound waves can produce vibrations that break glass, radio waves at the power level emitted by a Rife generator do not have sufficient energy to destroy bacteria.*

Rife’s work lives on in the practice of Diane Spindler, Hulda Clark, and many others.

When all tests fail to find either that the black boxes work, as they are supposed to work, or that they are simply measuring electrical resistance, proponents assert that there is a paranormal element that is “integral to radionics. People this is the problem. The source of this is someone other than YHVH.

Another advocate adds this:… as Radionic treatment takes place at a non-physical level, it cannot harm any living tissue or produce any unnatural side effects.

Something that happens on a non-physical level is not science, and if practiced by unbelievers it can be classified as magic or  witchcraft. We are told in Scripture not to practice witchcraft.

Deuteronomy 18:10–12
10 “There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer,
11 or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead.
12 “For whoever does these things is detestable to YHVH; and because of these detestable things YHVH your Elohim will drive them out before you.

Now, what about natural frequencies generated by essential oils, crystals and materials such as wool and linen? Is this based on truth? Some people would point to the research done by Bruce Tainio and Young (of Young essential oils) to prove that these frequencies were measured in a scientific way.

Bruce Tainio invented and build a machine called a BT3 frequency monitoring System. He claimed to be able to measure bio-electrical frequencies of plants, nutrients and essential oil. He also claimed to have developed a way of measuring human electrical vibration frequencies, by taking readings at various points of the body and averaging those numbers together. His measurements indicate that the daytime frequency of a healthy human body vibrates in the range of 62 to 68 MHz.

The foundation of Tainio’s research has been laid by Royal Rife early in the 20th century. Rife concluded that every disease has a specific frequency.

As I have shown you before this could not be proved then, and I shall show you that it can still not be proven.

Bruce Tainio used to sell a BT3 Monitoring System for $2, 800.00, the frequency counter in the BT3 is a cheap Tenmec device that sells for less than $1 on E-bay according to an engineer. I refer you to my reference for all the technical information. What it basically boils down to it that this Monitoring System is a scam and can not measure radiation from the human body, or from oils or from anything else. It was a very expensive scam.

This frequency meter is extremely sensitive to radio interference or background interference. It would not be possible to measure these frequencies accurately with this apparatus. The only way to shield against the effects of electromagnetic fields would be to work in a completely enclosed shielded room. These are available commercially and run hundreds of thousands of  dollars for a good one. You can read all the technical detail on the supplied link. Unless you have this or can do your measurements on a deserted island you would not be able to measure these frequencies. The background interference makes it impossible.

Here is the link with all the technical detail:

Another comment on this site I found quite insightful: ” these frequencies have nothing to do with the electromagnetic spectrum, and thus cannot be measured with instruments that measure the electromagnetic spectrum. It is my understanding that these frequencies are related to other dimensions, more to the soul or spirit and its interface to the body. That would be measuring the life-force frequency. These are, I believe, more related to the aura, which cannot be seen or measured by normal instruments either. Thus we are talking about the “frequency” of the aura. Some can see this directly, as different colors.”

This proves without a doubt that the measurement of frequencies in this context is not scientific at all but, paranormal, non-physical, new age and occult. It is a lie, and it is not in line with what the Bible teaches. It also proves that the lie started somewhere around the early 1900 or just before and on this lie other people built their lies, and so it continued. The purpose of this lie is deception and the pursuit of riches and still is today. Be careful that you are not misled by these lies or any other…

Matthew 24:3–4 
3As He was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things happen, and what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?”
4 And Y’shua answered and said to them, “See to it that no one misleads you.

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32 responses to “The truth about frequencies in health and healing”

  1. RM

    First, I want to start off by saying that people should be careful when they clump a study on the science of electricity and frequency into one big “witch hunt.” Yes, channeling a crystal is probably not what a bible believer (or anyone for that matter) should be doing, or measuring skin resistance to determine health factors, but to say all electrical, frequency, and/or pulse science is not good is simply false. Just like you can use money for good (help someone financially) or evil (loving money above G-d), there are positive, scientific reasons to understand electricty, frequencies (pulses). Rife claimed that it was his “beam ray” and not radio frequencies that killed the viruses, which no one has since been able to accurately duplicate, so your article is not an accurate account of Rife’s true work. Why were his labs and key pieces of equipment and notes also destroyed then? And why do you trust the AMA so much when it was founded by people who wanted the pharmacuetical industry to flourish and therefore suppress cures of diseases. Do not confuse good science with bogus information. PEMF is a technology that has been around for decades, and until now was not able to be miniaturized – is known to help with treating pain and speeding up healing. Patent 5,188,738 is another example of pulsed (frequency) electric current to kill disease. Instead of measuring skin resistance , how about measuring the frequency of a parasite or microscopic organism like Rife did.
    Why do earth worms come out of the earth when a DC current is applied to the surrounding soil? Stop mixing occult practices like casting spells and channeling the demonic realm with the good parts such as the use of electricty (which isn’t always visible = occult), and the use of a device using various frequencies to potentially rid the body of parasites, bacteria, and/or viruses. Why are people trying so hard to keep bible believers and many others from knowing certain truths of “science,” which when properly used – studies and works with what G-d has already created?

    1. Schalk Klee

      If you were to understand the article correctly, you would see that we do not condemn all electronics and science. What these people are doing is not science at all. It is not even repeatable with our modern technology. They even claim it to be supernatural themselves. I do believe that electic current can drive worms from the ground, that is plain science, but to say you can isolate a frequency of an organ is bogus.I am not against alternative healthcare at all, on the contrary, but wrong is wrong.

      1. sam

        This is just a perspective so take it with a grain of sand. If I were to say it were mine, I would be stealing credit from the Lord himself, for if i did not pray to him 2 years ago, “Take me away from here, I only want the path you want me to take” I would not have this perspective to share. Which there is many many paths to take so this is merely one way of looking at it.
        So Jesus healed people. We are all a part of God aka in his image. and there for a part of Jesus and if you are a part of Jesus then obviously he is on a higher level then us, but that does not mean us humans can’t progress towards a higher state of being. Its all very logical and we are evolving faster than ever before. Maybe this Abrams guy is nuts and it seems crazy that he would be able to read someones energies with out any physical tools, let alone people having energies to read, but science has already proved energy is everything, and if some energies have frequencies, then all have frequencies. Mother earth has a frequency and she is actually changing frequencies, which we can actually see (the axis shift) and its totally a good thing, if handled delicately.
        You have solid evidence and it has not been proven, but unfortunately it will probably be a while until they find the right tools to measure any natural frequencies because were still a radio frequency based society. In the end science is not about if and then statements, but rather exploring the unknown with intentions of understanding it, and if it cannot be then it is considered false or supernatural. The fact that they are studying it proves that its worth understanding or of course there is the perspective that this is all a scam for money. Both are acceptable but saying things are and are not is limiting yourself to what something truly is. Which trust me: I’m personally with you on the scam perspective, because money runs everything now.
        Now stay with me here cause this is where it gets nutty, WE make ourselves sick, on a physical level and a mental/emotional level. The body naturally does this because the brain is telling you stop by giving you chronic pain, usually in the lower back, and it doesn’t go away unless you stop, for example, smoking cigarettes(if its not too late) or get surgery (again, if its not too late). God helps those who helps themselves. In a world where everything is taken literally, we are the ones to step up and say God did not want this, he wanted us to realize if we are a part of him, then we are apart of each other, making us one. To better understand my view, I believe in both all religion and all science and have deep respects for your religious beliefs, for with out them, this would be a very sad world, I only wish to add to your beliefs, or you may simply discard my silly thoughts.
        Excuse my poor use of grammar.

    2. Chris

      RM, I agree with you. What we call “science” has become itself a replacement of God to so many, and sometimes they don’t even know it. True science is only a tool, and a rather small tool at that. Western science is based on the unshakeable belief in man’s ability to “observe” and “measure”. with “accuracy”. Then man decides what to observe and measure, he decides how it will be observed and measured, he decides what means will be considered acceptable to create “accurate” measurements and observations, he decides who will do this “accurate” observing and measuring, and where it will be done, and on and on and on. And all this observing, measuring, testing and concluding is ONLY to be determined by his own 5 physical senses! It boggles the mind! And it is this science we bow down to that has decided there is no God because it “can’t be proven”!!! Anyone who claims to be a believer in the Almighty and a follower of His Word, who then rushes to science to support or denounce anything is either seriously deluded or they have their own agenda. Scientific method can be a starting point of gathering some kinds of information, but beyond that it has proven itself to lead to delusions. As you mentioned about its use to take medical practice away from healing and into perpetual illness to support a billion dollar drug industry, science has been used to promote at least as many, and possibly more dangerous hoaxes (because so many people trust it and it is sanctioned by the powers that be) than any quackery ever has. Science chases it’s tale over and over, but no one notices because each new generation is conditioned from childhood to revere it without question. It is ludicrous how many times science has declared something “healthful”, and years (and sometimes months) later, it is then found to not be the case. And then it flip flops again, And again. Eggs are bad for you. Eggs are good for you. Fish is good for you. Fish is bad for you. Take this pill. This pill is killing people, don’t take it. Exercise like this. No, don’t do it like that, do it this other way. No, this way. No, wait, we just found out you should do it this way……And we let them get away with that, without question, with no accountability! How many of us have been stressed out just from all the changes and scares that science unleashes on a regular schedule at the population? And here we sit, a sick, depressed, obese, anxiety-ridden scientific culture that supports a medical industry which is over 20% of the GDP? And THAT”S what it’s all about-supporting a massive industry that needs us to be alive, but sick enough to keep needing scientifically based medical “care”. I would rather die using whatever method of holistic care (which is Biblically supported!) to care for myself than subject myself to the monstrosity we call medicine today to promote a longer, sicker life. I can’t help but wonder what the writers of this blog can possibly be thinking to align themselves with science…I pray its just ignorance.

    3. Kate

      The Bible speaks of healing essential oils and frequencies.
      Example – 432 HZ is the healing frequency of the Harp etc…
      432HZ is thought to be (and shown in labs) to heal damaged DNA…
      one could extrapolate on the negative reviews/interpretations of healing frequencies etc. that, they are promoting introducing chemicals into the body; isn’t that more “non Christian “ than frequencies and oils?

      1. Shalom Kate, we don’t say that it is wrong to use healthy alternatives like essential oils, herbs and nutricious food etc. The point is trusting in things for healing rather than YHVH. This whole frequency thing is unbiblical and entice people to trust in that rather than YHVH.

      2. Amber

        Kate, this is exactly how I feel. Just in the last week I’ve been researching and listening (usually at bedtime) just to ease some stress and help me relax. I’ve always struggled with staying sleepy once I do get in bed, but I have to say I’ve seen improvement. I’ve also been researching how basically all holidays are pagan holidays but I can honestly say I don’t know anyone Christian or otherwise that doesn’t go all out for Christmas and Halloween but no one seems to find issue with it. I personally am willing to do away with the practice in my home even though I have young children that it would effect. Also this vaccine that’s been wildly sought after even though it’s strictly scientific as well as experimental (being that it’s a new type of vaccine that’s never been used or studied on humans) I’m disappointed and disgusted that so many Christians have faith in the corrupt non-believing scientist of the world and didn’t take the time to question religion or the fact that we are seeing so many signs pointing to the return of our lord. I’m beside myself and have no one to even share with anymore because everyone becomes so defensive instead of wanting to come together and share and research. If I’m wrong for listening to some calming tunes and meditating to ease some stress, which helps me feel closer to God when I pray, and others can celebrate a holiday that was created (falsely taught to be Jesus’ birthday) when in fact it’s to worship pagan leaders of the past and celebrate the day of satan himself by trick or treating and dressing as monsters on the one day of the year the vail to the other side is it’s lowest then I just don’t think I know anything anymore

  2. Thanks for writing this! There is a lot of misinformation about alternative healing floating around the Messianic community. Believers belong looking to the One who says “I am your Healer” first. I actually wrote a similarly-focused article on my blog, but didn’t go into radionics, though I have actually tried that in the past. I plan to link this article in the comments on my blog. If you are interested in what I have written, the article is at

  3. Linda

    What about the Solfeggio frequencies? They were taken from the Book of Abraham in the Bible?

    1. Hi Linda,
      I do not find the “Book of Abraham”in my Bible.
      We also do not believe in the mysticism that lies behind “code” found in Scripture. This is simply a form of Kaballah. Be careful!

      We do not deny the existence of frequencies in nature (light, electricity, etc…). We deny that frequencies are the source of our healing. YHVH heals and He does not use the methods of the pagans to heal.

      Schalk & Elsa

      1. Paula Henry

        God made all things, he spoke and he has a frequency, that creates!

        1. This is exactly what this article is about. YHVH, the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the Creator, He created, not frequencies. He creates, and He heals, not frequencies. That is the point of the article. Is this so difficult to understand? YHVH is the one to be worshiped and glorified. We are not to reduce Him to some force or frequency, He is MUCH more than that. We, with our human minds cannot fully comprehend Who He is. It is like asking an ant to explain a human, ridiculous!


      2. Dove

        Thank you, Schalk & Elsa, for this information as I needed to hear this from a family member in Christ. it’s easy to get caught up in other remedies of this world only to find that in the end Yahweh and Yahusha are left out completely and the next thing known, is one is dabbling in another religion


  4. Linda

    Sorry! That was the Law of Attraction that was taken from the Book of Abraham. The Solfeggio frequencies were taken from a code found in the Book of NUMBERS in the Bible. What about the Schumann Resonance, the frequency of the earth???

  5. Edward

    I have just finished reading your blog about vibrational medicine. To put it bluntly you know nothing of the subject, and have been mislead by the propaganda against alternative therapies such as vibrational medicine.

    I have studied much on the subject over the past eight years, especially on the work of Dr. Albert Abrams , Royal Raymond Rife, Ruth Drown etc. and I believe without a doubt that the technologies they were using worked, in fact the “cures” they obtained in their patients were well documented including cancer cures.

    You like many others have been deluded into believing the only cure for disease including cancer is what is approved by the FDA and AMA , who are backed by the multi-billion dollar drug companies.

    To use scripture to condemn these technologies, and to call them “witchcraft” is thinking fro the Dark Ages. I realize you have the right to believe and write what you want, and I’m happy that we do have that right, but discrediting of these kinds of technologies by people like yourselves, not because you have tried them and found that they work or don’t work, only because you have listened to and believed the propaganda against them, have caused millions of people to suffer needlessly and die over the years Well I have used Radionics personally and I have proved to myself it certainly does work

    1. Edward,

      Please do not jump to these conclusions without even asking.

      For your information, we can write this based on personal experience with this deception. We did not write this purely based on what we read, it is based on what we personally experienced. We have earned the right to discredit these technologies based on our personal experience. Thus, we have proven to ourselves that it does not work!

      We made no reference to anything done or said by the FDA/AMA. This was purely your personal interpretations, based on your biases. There exists a world between these false teachings and the world as defined by these organizations.

      Schalk & Elsa

      1. Chris

        With all due respect, your denouncements based on “personal experience” is highly un-scientific. You cannot logically support science using personal experience. It is equal to all the people who support the healing methods you denounce because they say it DID work for them. I’m just pointing out that you are contradicting yourselves as far as science goes. I don’t know what your experience was with alternative healing, perhaps it was quite painful, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. As far as science goes, there really is no such thing as “objective” evidence-according to the science you believe in. Anything, whether it is a human being or a particle, is changed by the very fact it is being observed. Science depends on man and man alone, and his extremely inadequate 5 senses. The machines and methods he even devises to conduct his experiments are tainted themselves by his bias and narrow minded dependence on his own faculties. How can those claiming to be believers throw so much support behind science, a construct that denies there is a God because He “can’t be proven”? It is good to instruct people to pray and use wisdom in making health choices, but to go so far as to even hint that science is a reliable source is to support an entire social structure that systematically denies God, and teaches us that we descended from apes. Please reconsider the stand you are taking. Take a long, hard look at what science has really done for us, beyond the media brainwashing. We are sicker, we have an epidemic of “mental health issues”, almost everyone is on some kind of poisonous “medication”. And the “we live longer” mantra the scientific/medical community loves to chant has nothing to do with them. It has to do with whenever Biblical principles are followed, e.g. cleanliness, good diet and caring about each other, we extend out lives. Everything to promote life and health is in the Bible-we just forgot how to read it. Modern science with all its “new” discoveries is a delusion. How is it that the priests of the Israelites were the physicians? How is it that everything from what to eat to how to plant crops in the Bible is exactly what people are re-discovering (again) is the healthiest, most sustainable way to live on this planet? Science was designed to force mankind into thinking he is living well in a world without God. It has the most rudimentary uses, and that’s it.

        1. Hi Chris,

          This is exactly the point. I was responding to a claim that stated this exact point. The previous comment made the statement that because we had no experience, we are not qualified to comment.

          It was never made as a scientific fact. Purely a response to a statement.


          1. Mary Isbell

            I am a born again christian. I love Abba and Jesus. I believe in devine healing and holistic and alternative medicine . I believe Jesus is the great physician and we may be healed in a number of ways. Modern medicine and medicines created by man is not always the best way.I was on a medication that caused type 2 diabetes was given medications for that which caused other complications and was also prescribed a station drug for high cholesterol that i later discovered is nationally over prescribed and also raised my sugar levels. Now im turning to natural, herbal and alternative means and Im believing in my God to help find a cure through natural means that he blessed our earth with and ancient wisdom and practices used long before modern medicine and pharmaceutical companies were ever thought of.I pray for healing and I know it will come in the way he chooses. It was the holy spirit that laid the idea of doing the research on my heart.I refuse to accept the Dr. s sentence.

        2. Trish

          I agree with you Chris. I would like to mention there is a book titled Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart Ph.D. It details the ancient herbal oils that Moses and the Israelites used for medicinal needs and for the healing of wounds. They were used for many different ailments as well as used for ceremonial cleansing and preparations for the temple. Christ did fulfill all things and are now made new. Our bodies are now the temple of the living God and the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit and no longer in a temple made of stone. But herbs and herbal oils are still acceptable to use for anointing our bodies (temple of the Lord) with prayer and thanksgiving. Just because pagans use herbs and essential oils, it doesn’t mean Christians are committing sin because they use them for healing sores or anointing. It’s the pagans that are misusing what God has created for our health and well being with their chanting and rituals to the dark spirit world. As Christ said, woe unto those who call good evil and evil good.

  6. Felicia

    I think God created the universe which includes energy, like the Garden of Eden was created for humans to thrive and live. Therefore the worship should not be looked at towards created but the creator. The deception comes from taking the powerful energy away from God, such as the moment Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden and was driven by their own desires of deceit that led them to take sin within themselves and opened the portal for sin to enter mankind. God is whom we need to set aside to worship and give glory. The need to focus our spirit towards the Lords accomplishments is what his desire is of us. The 1st and greatest commandment is to give glory to ONE God, away from him causes blindness which leads to darkness..Anyway this is my commentary on this subject.

  7. Chris

    I too was disappointed to see this article. Frequency is so clearly the foundation of all matter. IE, in the beginning of this world was God speaking (sounds waves/frequency) matter into existence Many of my friends who are Ph.D level educated have spent their lives studying the effects of sound on matter – and they are profound. To say frequency does not influence matter is absurd. Do a cursory reading of Nikola Tesla who says in no uncertain terms, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” It quite literally is the core of all physical matter.

    The bible backs this up a myriad of times: the creation story starts with speaking, the walls of Jericho fall when the trumpets blast, David calms Saul’s distressing spirit with his music, and we are admonished to pray “and speak” truth for this reason, and to confess with our mouths. To be sure, power starts and finishes with YHVH, but to take the legs out of the physical reality not only is false but also delegitimizes the beauty of His power.

    Like all things there are people who dabble in snake oil, so is the case with this discussion and if we were to be honest all religions and creeds of thinking have the same problem. To use rational senses we have been given to study truth and logically understand matter, quarks, vibrational reality is not witchcraft. One can hold in reverence the power of the Almighty while also being aware of how the universal laws the He established work.

    1. Shalom Chris,

      You totally misunderstood us. We are not claiming that science is occult or witchcraft, but that these healing techniques that were described in the article cannot be proven by science. It is deception and it was invented to rip people off. These people claim that the working of it is on a paranormal- , non-physical level. These people are not believers in YHVH, so where does this paranormal, non-physical healing come from? Are we wrong to conclude that it is occult if YHVH is not the source of healing?

      Elsa and Schalk

      1. Kurt

        It kinda seems disingenuous and hypocritical to discredit science but also use the fact that something can’t be repeated in a scientific way is “supernatural”. You also have to understand the corruption and greed in big science and that maybe it isn’t “repeatable” so they say is also because it is being kept from the world because it is a danger to their money making agenda. If people could use natural frequencies for healing, then there would be no need for other costly medicines to make boat loads of money off its consumers. Show an iPhone to a secluded indigenous tribe that has never seen one before and they would too think it’s magic. It is pretty well known now (2022) that every object (physical matter) has its own vibrational frequency which is based on the vibration rate of its atoms that constitute it. Back in the day, we didn’t know that atoms and molecules were a thing until technology advanced. Was it supernatural thinking to say something may exist that couldn’t yet be measured? All things were created by God after all, so isn’t it all his design?

  8. OC

    This article is greatly needed, and I appreciated it as I am questioning and researching modern information about understanding frequencies and vibrations. The problem in the Christian community is that we don’t support each other, and don’t listen to rebuke. This is why many pastors and ambassadors for Christ don’t speak out or try to help Christians collectively. Your new age and mega churches have taken over. A lot of Christians these days are sin bashers and follow every pagan, gay rights, witch, and abortion church that they can. Christians support every other “evil in plain site” group, movie, tv show, clothing line, blog, and celebrities. Stop being your own worst enemy and properly read & listen to who Christ has anointed to help you. I’m not sure if this submission will be published, but I’m disgusted with how today’s so called Christians are.

  9. Danica Lindsey

    How do you know that what you have been taught about GOD isnt a false? This is a serious question. What is your reason behind why you believe in GOD? And how is your reason the right reason then the next person.

    1. Shalom Danica,
      I know that YHVH (God) is real because of experience. This experience is based on a real relationship with Him and is in line with what is written in the Bible. Each of us is on a journey and each of us is given opportunities to choose for or against YHVH’s Kingdom. These choices and the result thereof teach us about YHVH and His love for us. You too can make the choice to follow HIm and it will change your life. It is as easy as that. He loves you and wants a relationship with you.
      Shalom, Elsa

      1. Kurt

        I’m not here to denounce God whatsoever because I do believe in him. But this is a genuine question. Take away any bias of thinking and may labels; what is the difference of you believing in one being (God) and having a book that is told to be his scriptures and to follow it, as opposed to another person believing in a being that they also believe is good and also have a book of his supposed scriptures and both of you experience good things? I’m not saying one is better than the other but both ideologies are the same in terms of believing in something that provides good with some form of scripture to follow.

        1. S K

          There is only one God and His word is eternal. The bible has been proved to be true and we have experienced YHVH’s miracles in our lives.

  10. Alisha

    Amazing article.
    It has ruffled many who are in the clutches of the occult. To me that only proves it more that relying on something that cannot be proven is occultic and cannot be trusted.
    People forget that Satan is the prince of the air and that includes frequencies.
    All Glory belongs to God!

  11. I have glanced at your website briefly, and wish to know more about your ministry.

    Do you have a Sabbath and High Day Broadcast?


    We live in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

    1. Hi Scott and Jo Ann, we do not have sabbath day or high day broadcasts.

      Shalom, Schalk and Elsa

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