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Flee from these seven!

Written by Schalk_and_Elsa. Posted in Training in righteousness

It is one thing to repent of our sin and unrighteousness, but quite another to live righteously after that. It is challenging to live in the world among others, and not learn or be influenced by their, not so righteous, ways. This concerns both believers and unbelievers. Then, on the other hand, we may be that stumbling block to others. That is not something we like to hear, but we may be doing things without being aware of it. The reason for this post is to help us identify things we should avoid, either in ourselves or others in order to live more righteously. Living righteously should be our focus. Use this to evaluate yourself and ask YHVH to reveal the areas you need to work on to you. What do you do when you come to one of these situations? Sometimes the only way would be to flee from it…

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