• More about faith

    More about faith

    Faith is a topic we can study over and over and every time learn something new. We can learn much about faith in Scripture. It is defined as “assurance” in the book of Hebrews. This is the key. Faith is “know-so” instead of “hope-so.To have faith is to know the outcome would be best for us whatever it may be. ” A few years ago my neighbor….

  • Those ten times

    Those ten times

    YHVH is a good Father to us. He not only gave us instructions on how to live, but also practical examples through the lives of other people who went before us. It started with Adam and Eve in the garden. Through their lives and those who followed after them, we learn what YHVH likes and what is not acceptable to Him. Through narrative, He teaches us. The Exodus from Egypt and the Israelite’s journey through the wilderness is an especially good example of this.

  • Why we are to do our own Bible study

    Why we are to do our own Bible study

    In this article, we want to look into why it is necessary for us to do our own Bible study and why we should apply self-discipline and establish a habit of daily Bible study. We can learn from others, but we find several reasons why we are to study for ourselves. We will explore it in this article.

  • Scripture memorization … having YHVH’s Word in our hearts…

    Scripture memorization … having YHVH’s Word in our hearts…

    The power of Scripture is unlike anything else on earth. It’s a force to be reckoned with, containing intrinsic power, high enough to give us insight, deep enough to give us peace, wide enough to mold our personalities, and strong enough to bear us through horrendous days.2

  • Speak truth to yourself

    Speak truth to yourself

    In this article, we will focus on the first step of what we are to do to establish hope and purpose in our lives. Our objective is to be free from anxiety and depression; to live a life driven by purpose that will inspire others to want to be part of YHVH’s Kingdom.